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The mission and philosophy of the International Agency For Economic Development is to improve the economies and standards of living in Least Developed and Developing Countries through intelligent Charitable Economic and Social Projects. Most of the Under-Developed Countries and Developing Countries are sliding backwards and/or "down" in actual development. Even the Developed Countries are rapidly increasing the economic "Gap" between the top few rich, and the rest of the population (middle-class and poor).

IAED studies and analyses the worlds conditions/problems by monitoring the United Nations [both the Governments and Non-Governmental Organizations (Civil Societies)]. IAED works closely with Governments, Civil Society Sectors, and Businesses to focus on the problems and developmental needs of the developing countries to find positive solutions.

IAED focuses on social-economic development in countries through both charitable projects and charitable contributions. Projects in countries are focused on activities that support economic development and reduce poverty (improve the social conditions.) The objective is to facilitate development; enable and empower societies by skill development in management, leadership, knowledge, technologies, and businesses that leads to sustainable long term social and economic development. And to do it all with charity and volunteer commitment of experts and businesses.

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IAED Organization Structure Formed in 1990, the design of the organization was to keep expenses and overhead to an absolute minimum. The organization has no paid employees/staff including the Director-General. There are many "Advisors" and "Members" but all people associated with the Agency are on a volunteer or contributing Member basis. The structure was designed to overcome the "problem of corporate and foundation giving": where most money goes to the staff and overhead of the organization and only a very small fraction of the "gift" goes to the intended objective/goal of the gift. This results in "Cosmetic Philanthropy," unmeasurable results, and little real effect at solving the problems.With IAED, 100% of all contributions goes directly to the intended purpose of the gift. Furthermore, the giving organization or individual may obtain "official status" with IAED so that they can personally observe where their contribution goes. Ineffect contributors become strategic partners with IAED. Contact us directly for more information on why it "makes good business sense" to make a contribution to IAED.

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IAED's Director-General The Director-General (since 1990) and founder of IAED, Dr. Larry T. Gell, is listed in many "Who's Who" international directories. He also runs two international business executive management consulting firms founded in 1960 and 1970. His consulting assignments are some of the worlds most successful business stories (domestic and international). He has trained thousands of Chairmen, CEO's, Presidents, Senior Marketing and Sales Executives around the globe. Dr. Gell is considered to be one of the worlds top speakers/lectures on topics of Global Strategy, Geopolitical Risks, Global Business Management and Global Marketing/Sales Strategies. He has advised Governments on Geopolitical Strategy and Global Strategy.

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IAED Funding IAED has three Charitable Funding areas:
1) IAED Operating Budget.
IAED provides a free weekly one hour television interview for Ambassadors and their Heads of Government. There are minimum expenses to produce these programs every week. Dr. and Mrs. Gell have been supporting this free service to countries, their United Nations Ambassadors, UN Department/Organization Heads, and Heads of Governments since 1990.
2) TV Sponsorship on IAED's weekly United Nations TV shows.
The weekly TV show is broadcast every Friday from 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM, and simultaneously web broadcast worldwide. This is the first and only television show in the world on the United Nations (from "inside the United Nations"). Now in our twelfth year! Exclusive interviews of UN Ambassadors, UN Department/Organization Heads, and Heads of Governments.
3) IAED Charitable Country Projects
IAED Charitable Projects are mainly conducted in developing countries. Corporate support for these projects is excellent exposure, good corporate public relations, and communicates a sensitivity to the countries that global companies do business in.IAED also conducts and co-sponsors Seminars/Conferences in the USA in coordination with colleges, universities and businesses on "global strategy (geo-politicial and geo-strategic stratgies) business, science and technology which can speed-up the development of the developing countries."
Your support and contributions are needed and greatly appreciated.
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IAED is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Governmental, Non-Religious Organization.

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