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IAED is not a United Nations organization. IAED is not an organization of the United States Government or any other world government. IAED is a non-profit organization which has a IRS 501(c)3 "Fiscal Sponsor" and can receive tax exempt contributions. IAED in no way implies that we are the United Nations or any part of that organization. Although Dr. Larry T. Gell has had both "ECOSOC and DPI Status" with the UN from 1990 - 1999, and he also sat on the "Executive Board of the NGOs Associated with the Department of Public Information" for a number of years... Infact, we go out of our way to be sure that there is no "offical or formal/legal" relationship with the United Nations since August 1999.

You may view, copy, print and use content contained on the Web Site solely for your own personal use and provided that: (1) the content available from this Web Site is used for informational and non-commercial purposes only; (2) no text, graphics and other content available from this Web Site is modified in any way; and (3) no graphics available from this Web Site are used, copied or distributed separate from accompanying text. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppal or otherwise any license or other grant of right to use any patent, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of IAED or any third party, except as expressly provided herein.

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Reference to any product, process, publication, service, business or offering of any third party by trade name, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply the endorsement or recommendation of such by IAED.


Special Announcement due to harassment by UN Legal Department: FOR THE RECORD: IAED and these UN TV Broadcasts are solely the effort of IAED , which currently has no "formal status" since August 1999 when UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan decided to stop the "open & transparent " policy of his predecessor Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali by killing the videotaping of UN meetings. We do not want any relationship with the UN due to their constant attempts to control and restrict NGOs, and stop the Ambassadors from being able to have an "un-edited and un-cut" TV platform to discuss their countries real issues. The UN is well know to "sanitize" their own information, and attempt to control Ambassadors and NGOs perspectives on Global Issues. They prefer to be "opaque" to the outside world. The "Iraq Oil for Food" program ($60+ Billion dollars and rising...gone!) is only the most recent example of how "opaque" they like to be. We started the worlds first weekly United Nations TV broadcast (nine years ago) to provide this service to the UN Ambassadors, and to inform concerned people worldwide of the "real" global issues. And I might add, we have been harassed constantly by the UN ever since. We find this extremely interesting, that the United Nations will harass and attempt to control an organization which is not even related to them. See letters of "Cease and Desist" from the UN Legal Department. We wonder which countries do not want these broadcasts? We have requested a TV interview of the Head of the UN Legal Department. So far, they have refused to be interviewed.

If you have any questions or comments that need clarification, contact IAED directly.

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