What is different about IAED ?

(We THINK different. We ACT different.)

IAED is an action oriented organization of international business members focused on charitable projects through sustainable economic and social development in the developing countries; working through and with the United Nations (as opposed to a thinking, studying and report writing organization, or social club). We believe that through intelligent effective economic development and targeted charitable giving, countries can develop and help ALL their people to solve their own problems (see Global Conditions/Problems). IAED's members lend their expertise and businesses to speed up the development of developing countries and their capacities but, IAED's overall Main Goal is to provide Charitable help to as many countries as possible (including the U.S.A. where major problems are left un-addressed). We don't seek blame, nor do we complain about problems . . . We don’t talk about it, we fix problems!

Are you a Member of IAED? Interested in joining IAED?

IAED seeks Members in every country of the world. There are different levels of membership and involvement. IAED not only inspires its members but also aims to inspire whole nations! IAED believes we (all of humanity) can solve all our problems with intelligent focused efforts, goodwill, social responsibility, charity and the willingness of peoples to act. See Members Section.

IAED and its members have been conducting programs, seminars, projects and business with Developing Countries and the United Nations since 1990. It has given 100% back in charitable projects as of today!

IAED innovates and leads through creative projects and solutions to global problems of the Developing Countries. We are always FIRST and ahead of everybody else. Our founder and Director-General has been implementing “Firsts” since the early 1960’s. How do we do that? WE WORK HARDER.

IAED provides its members with “the insider track” on global strategy. We take a “what’s behind the news” approach to reality. Here’s what you heard; now let us tell you what they really mean. We do not report the same old news you can get in many media. Examples: We forecasted Russia’s economic problems, China’s “magical” economic development, Asia’s economic crisis, the massive (tens of millions of employees) downsizing (dumping) of the developed countries workers, the magical steady rise of the price of oil (back in April of 1999!) for the year of 1999; and the continue rise in 2000, and much, much more. If you were with us when the stock market was at 6000 and heading down [everybody (all the "wall street experts) were negative]...we forecasted the market to go to 10,000 and then on up to 15,000 (WOW!). How are we doing? How did we know all that? WE WORK SMARTER and HARDER! Or is it, we are just "lucky"? What are we forecasting NOW? Join us and find out.

IAED provides its members with understanding and information on the United Nations. We provide our members with video tapes from inside the UN on Global Issues.

IAED knows what is going on with “globalization,” and understands what is sustainable and what is not sustainable in economic development worldwide. We know where the opportunities are, as well as where the problems and potential traps are. We know the rules!

IAED gives it all back! IAED looks for intelligent and sensitive charitable solutions to the world’s problems. We make a real positive impact. First, in what we do; and second, in what we give back. IAED has been giving since 1990.

IAED is an organization you can be proud to be a Member with. IAED provides Members with a positive image and exposure to the people that count in the world.

IAED provides “special unique advantages” to its Members conducting business in the developing countries. We help and encourage our Members to do business directly with countries. But, it is better to do business through IAED; Ask us why?

IAED does not believe in retirement. IAED loves the retired and elderly and respects their wisdon and experience. IAED is the natural place for you if you fit into either of those categories, and you’re not ready to quit. Contact us and we will show you how to become involved. IAED does not discriminate against countries, nationalities, race, gender, creed (beliefs) or religion.

IAED Membership helps you be a more effective person in many ways. And, we have a “track record” of doing just that!

IAED is a Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Governmental, Non-Religious organization. WE have no formal status relationship with the United nations, Nor do we want any. Ask us why?

We invite you to Join IAED?

 (January 1990 - updated 1998)

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