IAED's Charity Projects

We will list here some of the charitable activities and projects IAED has already given to the United Nations and to Countries of the United Nations along with our future plans.

We will also list the types of charitable projects we feel that will facilitate countries and their peoples in their long term sustainable development. (The "give them fish" vs "teach them how to fish" theories.)

IAED believes in intelligent charitable programs which contribute to the lasting long term sustainability of a country and their peoples. Infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, power plants, utilities etc.) are important for the economic development of a country. However, one short war can destroy all those investments in a matter of days. Investments in the people are lasting if they empower the people with the knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, confidence to grow in a positive environment, and to rebuild if a disaster happens to their country.

With the amount of weapons being sold around the world every year, it is a given that disasters will strike and they will be frequent! As of November 2000 there are some 70 wars going on worldwide! ( We note here: That 95% of the casualties are Women and Children - This can not stand!) The current Iraq war will cost 100's of Billions of dollars, and 1000's of American lives...thousands of Iraq men, women and children will die.

IAED believes in charitable projects and programs which educate, feed, grow food, maintain both physical and mental health, establish safety nets (social and physical), provide homes, lead to jobs creation, global market know-how, etc are more likely to endure the test of time and events.

IAED provides video tapes of United Nations meetings (from 1994-1999 inside the UN actual UN Meetings) and currently Special Interviews (every week) of United Nations Department Heads and the UN Permanent Ambassadors from the United Nations Missions (8 years.) Note: hundreds of these video tapes have gone to United Nations Department Heads, Ambassadors, Ministers from countries throughout the world, Universities, Corporations, and to many NGOs since 1995. (Even Presidents (and their wives) of countries.)

IAED created the FIRST video tape library of UN meetings and briefings for the NGOs at the "UN NGO Resource Library" in the Dag Hammarskjold Library Building.

IAED produces the ONLY weekly UN Television shows (2) in the United States of America devoted to the United Nations exclusively. Now in its 8th year!

Worldwide Web Video Broadcasting of our United Nations Television Shows [Every Friday at 11:00 PM till 12:00 AM from our TV Studio (MNN).] Now starting our 11th year!

IRAN's First International Conference on Aging - Tehran, IRAN October 1999

Major "Science and Technology Conference" held in Accra, Ghana, Africa in 1994.

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