(A few projects of IAED)

Many projects inside the United Nations for the NGOs, the UN Staff, and UN Ambassadors since 1990.

Ali Adbussalan Treki

The Turnaound of the Libyian Government attitute towards the USA into a more positive and constructive focus on the develoipment of Africa.


"Pakistan's First
on Aging"

In development...

Karachi, Pakistan  


Special Projects with India

IAED Photo
Her Excellency, Mrs. Zohreh Sadeghi,
First Lad
y of Iran

Iran's "First International
Conference on Aging"

October 19-21, 1999

Tehran, Iran  

The First Lady of Ghana,
Mrs. Rawlings
, with Dr. Larry T. Gell
in Accra, Ghana, West Africa - 30 May 1994

The First Global NGO Forum on
Science & Technology

"The Contribution of Technologies (Including New and Emerging Ones)
to the Industrialization of the Developing and Third World Countries
for the Strengthening of Regional and Global Integration"

First Lady of Ghana, Mrs. Rawlings & Dr. Gell
IAED Photo

The Honaorable Vice President Annette Lu of Taiwan

Special Projects for Taiwan

UN TV Broadcasts & Webcasts

UN Ambassadors, Heads of UN Departments and Organizations and World Leaders

Dr. Gell (left) and The President of the Yuen (Lesgislature) Taiwan

Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General of IAED videotaping "inside" the United Nations ECOSOC Chamber. First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton guest speaker.

UN Ambassador of Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Munir Akram and Dr. Larry T. Gell, Director-General, IAED "inside" the UN Security Council Presidents Office. June 2004.


Country Projects

United Nations Projects




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